On our way into the gala we encountered Debora Waldman, a Brazilian orchestra conductor and an Israeli, stalwart defender of women’s rightful place in this profession. There was just time to ask her one key question…

 As a woman orchestra conductor, what do you expect from MAWOMA?

“What seems essential to me, based on my own experience, is that this travelling competition should bring out the feminine talents in the world of orchestral conducting. This will make them visible. The music world and the public will simply know that they exist! Gradually, this will change attitudes and rebalance this ecosystem, still very masculine. I usually say that to change the future, we must change the past … Beyond women conductors, it is essential, in my opinion, to make known the composers, invisible in the past. programming and in music education. I was invited by the Présences Féminines Festival to direct an exclusively female program. These composers were unknown to me. But I have noticed that their works are of high quality. Gradually, the whole culture will change.”