Unprecedented event rimes with exceptional jury. For the first viennese step of the MAWOMA Awards, Elizabeth Askren and Frederic Chaslin co-preside the jury. Theses two international renown conductors are accompanied with high personally for the Classical Musical World. The 10 and 11 of April, this amazing jury will distinguish the three European selected candidates, to elected the finalist of this Continent.


Born in 1976 in New York, Elizabeth Askren is an American pianist and conductor; talented in both Symphonic and Lyric repertoire. Ancient Julliard School student, and Ecole Normale de Musique in France, she has performed as a conductor in Europe and the U.S.A.

Regularly, she has been part of the Opear Fuoco projects, as the Dadid Stern’s assistant. Passioned about contemporary music, she did conduct the 2021 Orchestra, dedicated to XX° and XXI° Century pieces. She is very involved in Europe and the US in several educational projects. She is the founder and Artistic Director of the Transylvanian Opera Academy. More recently, she conduct the Orchestra of the Dallas Opera. Her exemplary record, real role model for women conductors, and her transmission engagements are part of the reason why she is the ideal co-president for the MAWOMA Jury.

Conductor, pianist and composer, Frederic Chaslin is engaged since the beginning in the MAWOMA adventure. Born in Paris in 1963, he is the Musical Director of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. He studied in Conservatoire National de Paris, then in Salzburg Mozarteum. At first, he was the assistant of Daniel Barenboïm in the Paris Orchestra and the Bayreuth Festival, then the assistant of Pierre Boulez. Successively, Director of the Rouen Musical Opera, the Mannheim Nationaltheather, and Santa Fe Opera. Since 1999, he is also in residency at the Vienna Staatsoper, where he conduct Symphonic Orchestra more than 250 times. As a composer, he wrote five operas, and many melodies and leads for orchestras and piano. He is also an actor and accomplished novelist. Convinced that music has no gender, he wants to break the clichés and a priori around Orchestra Direction (this position is associate to physical strength and authority in the social subconscience). His position as Jury president, is all about that.