MAWOMA, the first worldwide itinerant Competition for women orchestra conductors, is made up of six continental trials, which will take place in Vienne, Los Angeles, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Rio and Sidney.

The six continental winners will be announced at the Finale.

Who can participate ?

Reserved to women, the MAWOMA Competition is open to contestants of all nationalities, under 45 years of age.

Each participant may enter only one continental contest, on the continent to which she belongs by her nationality.

To confirm the continent to which a country belongs, the candidate can consult the “Geographic Regions” tab at

Stages in the competition

Stage 1 – Selection based on a submitted file

Candidates submit their files online by using the form provided below, according to the continent to which they belong by nationality, and during the period of candidacy specific to that continent.

The artistic committee, composed of Clémence Guerrand, Founding President of MAWOMA, and three additional members for each continent, will select the three candidates for participation in the competition in stage 2.

Candidacy period: 2 months.

Announcement of the 3 candidates selected: 3 days after the conclusion of the candidacy period.

Stage 2 –Continentals trials

The 3 candidates selected for each continent must perform 3 mandatory works or extracts during a public concert following 2 days of rehearsal with the participating orchestra, in the city designated for the continent. Following these 2 days, the winner for the continent will be announced by a jury made up of a college of professionals, the orchestra and the audience (online as well as present).

In addition to winning the Trophy MAWOMA, partnering with MAWOMA, the continental winner is required to perform as conductor of the partner orchestra in a concert that will occur within two years following the announced win.

Preparatory period: 1 month which will conclude with the rehearsals (a total of 2 days for all 3 candidates) and the public concert.

Stage 3 – Finale

The Finale will bring together the six winners of the continental trials and, on the basis of the mandatory programmes, will select the winning Maestra of this first year of the Competition.

The winner will receive a check for 20,000 € (euros) and a Trophy MAWOMA, as well as an invitation by the partnering orchestra and/or the partnering concert hall for the candidate to appear, within two years from the announcement of the result, to conduct a concert of works that she shall select.

Preparatory period: 1 month which will conclude with the rehearsals (a total of 2 days for all 3 candidates) and the public concert.

Submit your application, selecting the continent associated with your nationality

Your file must include:

• one copy of an official identity document that is still valid

• a curriculum vitae summarizing your studies and career

• a letter of application

• a letter of recommendation

• two photographs: a portrait (HD) and if possible a photograph during a musical performance

• a video link demonstrating your experience conducting an orchestra

Submission of a file of candidacy requires the payment of file fees of 220 € all taxes and charges included (online payment at the end of the application form).

Only completed files will be considered.

For all additional information, consult the complete regulations here.

Select your continent according to your nationality and opening dates

To submit an application for a Continental Event, the candidate must have the nationality of one of the countries of the continent concerned. The candidate may apply for only one Continental Event. It may under no circumstances compete in several Continental Events.