Gluck, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Strauss, Mahler and many others have composed their masterpieces there. In the collective psyche, Vienna embody the Music’s World Capital. Audiophiles go there to vibrate in chores, in this city where every corner celebrates composers.

It was natural for MAWOMA, the first international itinerant contest for female conductors to choose Vienna as their first stop.

The three European candidates will be judged during a public concert on the April 11th.


You just have to take a taxi in Vienna, or to listen to the concert programmation on the radio, to realize that ; yes, this is the Temple City of Classical Music.


Aware from a very young age, the Viennese are proud of their musical legacy, internationally famous ! The audiophiles are coming from the for corners of the Earth to discover the lasts productions and walk in the footsteps of the most famous composers (for exemple with adapted touristic itineraries). The Mozart’s piano forte, the Schubert’s glasses, the Brahms favorite menu are part of the many steps  on the pilgrimage of the lovers, that are visiting the musical epicenter. That same epicenter has seen the birth of the Viennese Classicism period.


Poised in the perfect heart of Europe, Vienna is a crossroad of influences. This cultural mix is very fruitful, on the artistic side, and the creative spirits that weren’t born there, a committed to stay. Since the second half the XVIII °century, the Musical History is getting wrote in Vienna. Gluck, Mozart, Haydn, Bruckner, Strauss, Malher or even Schoenberg have created masterpieces there. The best interprets that have ever lived or worked there, continue to improve their skills, talents… Vienna is still a reference, in terms of Musical Pedagogy.

Aussi, lorsqu’il a été question de tracer l’itinéraire planétaire de MAWOMA, premier Concours itinérant pour femmes cheffes d’orchestre créé par la pianiste Clémence Guerrand, en partenariat avec la Maison Cartier, Vienne s’est imposée comme une première étape naturelle.


Also, when it is time to trace the international itinerary of MAWOMA, the very first itinerant female conductor contest -created by Clémence Guerrand in partnership with Maison Cartier- Vienna imposed itself as a natural first step.