Vienna, the Music Capital will vibrate to the diapason of its reputation… Today, the April 10th is the MAWOMA kicking off, very first itinerant female conductors contest; founded by pianist Clémence Guerrand and supported by Maison Cartier. The three selected candidates for the European Steps, Vanessa Benelli Mosel, Johanna Malangré and Simone Menezes are ready for rehearsal. The apotheosis will took place on April 11th at the end of the afternoon, during a Final Concert ; and selection of the European Winner. Musical Emotion is ensured.


It is under the Golden Neo-classical Musikverein -the ultimate viennese music Temple- that will start the MAWOMA’s first world tour, that will ends in November in Paris, after Los Angeles, Sidney, Johannesburg, Tokyo and Rio.

Among the europeans applications, three virtuosos has emerged and compete in Vienna. Italian Vanessa Benelli Mosel, German Johanna Malangré and Italian Simone Menezes.

The three finalists had to choose a repertory along a program that will honor the Viennese tradition ; Mozart 31st, 38th or 41st movement, Haydn 100th, 101st or 104th, Beethoven 1st, 4th or 7th. For the concerto, the selected was between Mozart violin concerto 3d or 5th, and Haydn cello concerto 1st and 2d. This program is completed by a contemporary masterpiece by E.Tanguy; Incanto for Orchestra (2001).

On the April 10th morning, the Musikverein will welcome the rehearsal of the first candidate, followed on the afternoon by the second virtuoso. The third candidate will have her session on April 11th morning. At the end of the afternoon, the final concert will took place  at the Sofiensaal and then will be followed by the Jury deliberation.

A great day for MAWOMA, for the Classical Music’s World… for Vienna!